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sleepyhead. by Senju-HiMe

The composition of this piece works brilliantly. The common traits in both you and the albino ferret brings unity to it very nicely, an...

Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame by MagicnaAnavi

Overall I think this piece is very magnificent and powerful; however, I found a few things that were somewhat off. Your knowledge of fa...


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Brittany Earhart
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
N A M E: Yogami
Real Name: Brittany L.
NickNames: Britt, Twiggy, Twiggy Lynn, woman, dork.
Age: 23
D.O.B.: February 18, 1991
Significant Other: Kevin (boyfriend)
Sexuality: I'm straight =P (I can't help it I just love men^^)
Star Sign: Aquarious
Zodiac Sign: Ram/Sheep

My Bestie is this chick right here :iconlynexi: I love her to death^^

L♥O♥V♥E♥S♥: Blue, Wolves, Dragons, Snakes, Drawing, 2D Animation, 3D animation, Cartoons, Anime, Manga, the Moon, Stars, Nature, creepy stuff, Singing, Sugar.a lot of stuff actually hehe^^
LOVE videogames! :ACIII: wolf Connor Pixel dolly by PrinceOfRedroses

D I S- L O V E S: Mean People, People Who Steal Other's Works, Drugs, Spiders, Planes(I'm afraid they are gonna crash when im in them), any kid of nuts(except for cashews and pistachios), lots of others...just ask or send me emails if you want to know more^^

F A V O R I T E S♥
Color: Blue(baby blue to be exact)
Number: 16
Shape: japanese symbols, stars, moon, wolf shapes!!!!(like their silouettes)
Design: anything that looks japanese or creepy.
Holiday: Halloween and Christmas

Life is confusing and complicated. When things get too hectic, we tend to turn away and get caught up in the madness. No matter what we do, God is always watching us and with us. Although we can turn away a few times, he always waits for our return. When we get caught in a sudden moment, we have some time to find his way back. I'm sorry that I turned my back on him for the time that I did, but he was still in my thoughts. When I arrive at the point where I found it again, I thank him for all he gave me, and always love me no matter what I did.

Жизнь такая запутанная и сложная. Когда что-то нас слишком беспокоит мы стараемся убежать от этого и сходим с ума. Независимо от того, что мы делаем, Бог всегда следит за нами, он всегда с нами. Хотя мы можем убежать, он всегда ждет нашего возвращения. Когда мы сходим с ума, мы всегда можем найти дорогу обратно. Мне жаль, что я был к нему спиной всё это время, но он был в моих мыслях. Когда я приезжаю в тот момент, где я нашел его снова, я благодарю его за все, что он дал мне, и всегда люби меня независимо от того, что я сделал.

Hey, Mommy by L3xil3in
Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi
Another apocalypse... by prosaix
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
House of Night by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Hello everyone^^ I hope that everyone here on DA is doing well. Anyways I am participating in Santas-Herem's :iconsantas-harem: Secret Cupid event this year. I enjoy doing the secret santas, so figured hey why not give a gift to someone on valentines day as well =) I think what that group is doing is a great Idea. Feel free to check it out...however they may be getting full each day so act fast just message them, or check out to see if others will be doing it. I know I will be  searching^^ Anyways my list for the actual group.

Dear Secret Cupid,
here are a few options that came to mind; however, feel free to choose any OC of mine that you wish.
- Mavaline baking goodies or valentines or passing them out(she is from a monotone world so no color except for her eyes)

- Rin not in the valentine spirit so maybe just doing something on her own with a couple celebrating V-day in the background or something.

- Lynn and Edward on a date or spending quality time together.
Lynn and Edward

- Anyliah flirting with multiple guys doesn't matter where and you may dress her in whatever you please.

- Pax and Rebil hanging out(maybe she dragged him shopping?) Go crazy. They are best friends no romantic interest in each other, but they are very close. Pax wears surfer wear/style and Rebil is more laid back and casual. They are pokemon characters of mine so go nuts with creating a different outfit for them for the occasion.

If there are any other characters of mine(mostly are showcased in my "holiday" deviations) feel free to draw them doing whatever and wearing whatever.

Happy Early Valentines Day! ~_^
~Yogami Sakemura
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: TV
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Property Brothers(for now)
  • Playing: Skyrim or Mass Effect 2
  • Eating: don't know yet
  • Drinking: water

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TheCrazyOneOfTheGang Feb 26, 2014  Student Filmographer
Thanks for the fave on Raphael :D
Yogami Feb 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha you are most welcome^^ I've wanted to draw the gang for a while but haven't gotten around to is, so thought I would appreciate your work of one of them =D
TheCrazyOneOfTheGang Feb 27, 2014  Student Filmographer
Aww, that's sweet

Hope you get around to drawing them at some point
Yogami Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I might do one sooner with them in a more chibi or childish cartoon style before I do a more rendered version of them.
(1 Reply)
MariannaNight Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist… Happy Holidays! Hope You Like It! :)
DragonWolfSky Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
hey guess what! I'm your secret santa!
merry christmas!~…
Yogami Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Another thanks^^ I left the original thanks on the deviation itself. I really do like it a lot. Thanks again =)
Angelgurl3 Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Am I allowed a shiny? for my flying type gym leader
Yogami Nov 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah she said only one though
happy b day!
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